Who the frick are you?

Hello there. I am a 16 year old Czech dude who does coding and stuff.

What languages and IDE do you use?

My favorite IDE is Visual Studio Code, running on top of glorious Manjaro Linux

I am a jack of all trades as well, most experienced with Javascript, C++ and Rust, and some experience with Java, C# and PHP (HTML included as well, obviously)

My projects

A React-style Discord.js library for interactive embeds

Status: Active
An epic meme OS for epic memers
An attempt at an operating system in Rust
Currently in the state of printing to the screen

Status: Active
A joke Discord bot that sends/plays jschlatt quotes

Status: On hold
An OpenGL mandelbrot set viewer coded in Rust
Functional, but pretty buggy

Status: "complete"
A website for a Czech GTA V roleplay server
Probably my best work done without utilizing React, but abandoned after the GTA V server has been shut down.

Status: Abandoned

Contact Me

Any questions and inquiries can be sent to me@fatalerrorcoded.eu, or you can send me a message on my Discord FatalErrorCoded#4173